January 18, 2022 Tuesday

 LIVE: How to Build a Publishing Team for New Autho  
Most successful self-published authors don’t work alone but they also don’t rely entirely on others to manage their production, marketing and business affairs. They work to understand all facets of publishing and project manage a team of freelancers to produce their books to a professional standard.
As a newbie, it can be tempting either to handle it all yourself or totally hand over control to a publisher but you must believe in yourself and follow the example of the industry titans if you want a healthy, stable career.
Today, ALLi Director Orna Ross and Production Manager Dan Parsons will show you the best-practice way to begin as they discuss how to build a publishing team as a new author.
The #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast is sponsored by Dartfrog Books, providing indie authors with bookstore placement and promotion opportunities to more than 27,000 book clubs.
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