October 19, 2020 Tuesday

 LIVE: Advice from SelfPubCon and Amazon UK’s Sto  
In this #AskALLi Fiction & Non-Fiction Salon, Orna Ross and Sacha Black talk about lessons learned about current trends in self-publishing fiction and non-fiction, from taking part in two key indie author events that are just over:
- Self-Publishing Advice Conference (SelfPubCon), and
- Amazon UK’s Storyteller Award
Orna and Sacha discuss the experience of judging the award and overseeing the conference and invite your questions about the top takeaways for authors.
The #AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction and Non-fiction Salon is sponsored by Izzard Ink: ""Where self-publishing is not publishing by yourself."
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Facebook 9:00PM - 10:00PM BST