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Max China, ALLi Author Member


United Kingdom


Crime, General Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Short/Flash Fiction Collection, Thriller


Press/Media Interview, Reading/Literary Event


Max has written and published three novels to date:
The Sister, The Life and Times of William Boule, and The Night of the Mosquito.
He is currently working on a fourth, an expansion of a short story called Don't Turn on The Light. (Available February 2016).

Max China's books

The Life and Times of William Boule

The Life and Times of William Boule

While investigating reports of vigilante killings in Scotland, freelance journalist, Carla Black, meets a man named Miller on the London to Edinburgh train, and later finds he holds the key to an unsolved mystery.

After drawing a blank on her enquiries, she follows up on a tip-off Miller gave her, and discovers it leads back to the original story she'd intended to write.

With the murderer still at large, she writes a book about him and during her research, has an idea for an even bigger story, but first she must use herself as bait to draw him out of hiding, and accomplish what the police have been unable to do; end his forty year reign of terror ... [read more]

The Night of The Mosquito

The Night of The Mosquito

August 10, 2014, England. An apocalyptic event strikes without warning, wiping out power supplies and communications throughout the country. Against this backdrop, a psychiatric patient with a taste for blood who claims psychic links with Jack the Ripper, escapes custody, and wreaks havoc in an isolated community.

Meanwhile, retired hypnotherapist Michael Anderson suffers an extreme reaction to a mosquito bite on his eyelid ... [read more]

The Sister

The Sister

'The Sister is an epic story of a serial killer, spanning decades and gradually weaving a variety of character's stories together ... suspenseful, chilling, realistic and captivating.' Source: USA Reviews.

CORNWALL, ENGLAND. In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year old boy, views it from fifty yards-the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away... ... [read more]