ALLi Directors

Orna Ross | Founder & Director

In 2011, in what she describes as the best move of her writing life, Orna took her rights back from her publisher, Penguin, to republish her books herself, with the titles and treatment she had originally envisaged for them. The experience led her to launch The Alliance of Independent Authors the following year at London Book Fair. Having enjoyed a 20-year career in media publishing and creative teaching, mentoring and facilitation, she is greatly excited by how author-publishing is now democratising the business of books. Orna writes novels and poems and the Go Creative! series, which teaches the application of creative principles and practices to everyday life. “What I love most about author-publishing is the creative freedom,” she says. “You become the creative director of the book from inspiration to publication — and beyond. What I love most about ALLi is being in daily connection with such an engaged, talented, forward-thinking group of authors who are changing not only the status of writers in the industry but also, and more importantly, what we read — and how.” Orna blogs regularly on her Author Blog, on ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice blog and for many other websites and publications.

Philip Lynch | Resources Director

Philip joined ALLi in 2013, bringing to the organisation 25 years of experience in large multinational environments within the paper industry, where he worked across a variety of managerial roles. All his previous jobs shared the collaborative and consultative approach he has brought to ALLi. Philip works closely with Orna on strategy, service provision, financial planning and day-to-day operations, as well as overseeing the Member Outreach and Watchdog Desks. He is charged with ensuring ALLi’s resources are best used for the benefit of its members. “I’m excited to be working in this new arena, where technologies are radically transforming behaviours, ways of working and routes to the reader,” he says, “It’s a pleasure to be involved such a vibrant community that’s so open to change and so supportive of each other.”

ALLi Advisors (click below for more detail)

Mark Coker
Joel Friedlander
Jane Friedman
Dana Lynn Smith
Mark McGuinness
Vanessa O'Loughlin
Joanna Penn
Victoria Strauss
Rebecca Swift
David Vandagriff
S.R. Johannes
Tom Chalmers

ALLi Team

Debbie Young
Geraldine Somerset
Karen Lotter
Nerys Hudson