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The Alliance of Independent Authors

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The Global Association for Authors Who Self-Publish

ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors, is a non-profit association for self-publishing writers.

We offer advice, advocacy, campaigns, community, discounts, education, support and watchdog to indie authors, and a partner membership for trusted self-publishing services willing to be vetted.

Our mission is to facilitate free expression in writing and publishing, for all.

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Global Reach

ALLi has members all over the world, organized across eight English-language publishing territories: Africa, Australasia, Canada, Europe, India, South America, UK & USA.

What Our Members Say About ALLi

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Author Advice from The Alliance of Independent Authors

"I joined ALLi because I really liked the generous support they offer to independent authors and those who want to self-publish. I love their podcasts and the Indie Author Fringe Conferences they hold...."
"I joined because I read some great publicly-available posts and knew from my other research that you folks knew what was what in independent publishing. I have been very glad for the association ever ..."

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Our Campaigns


    Like to see your books featured at literary festivals, in libraries, bookstores and nominated for writing prizes? Our "Opening Up To Indie Authors" campaign facilitates collaboration between self-publishing authors and the rest of the book world. Find Out More


    Our newest campaign, launching autumn 2017, will bring self-publishing skills to marginalized voices, those currently denied involvement in mainstream cultural, education or social activity. These are voices we all need to hear. More To Come


    Ask ALLi is an umbrella campaign in which we pledge to answer any self-publishing question from anyone - authors, publishers, agents, media, other writing organisations - who needs information or education about fast-changing industry. Get Self-Publishing Advice Here